Saturday, January 25, 2020

Articles Of The Week January 26, 2020

All too often we are blaming back pain on things like degeneration, aging, injury, and using surgery and opioids in treatment. But, as he usually does, Dr. Peter O’Sullivan sheds some better light on back pain.

“A Refreshing Take On Back Pain With Peter O’Sullivan” – Steve Katasi

We discuss pain around here quite a bit and there are many arguments that can be made regarding different aspects of pain. In this post wants to put the sensation vs perception debate to rest.

“Sensation Vs Perception Debate” – Richard McIlmoyle

He has taught us a lot about pain science over the years, but with this post, he shares his own experience with pain (which is really important for us to understand as clinicians).

“Personal Chronic Pain Update” – Paul Ingraham

Researchers have identified a new target of alcohol in the brain. A new study reveals alcohol blocks the KCNK13 potassium channel within the membrane of dopamine-releasing neurons in the ventral tegmental area.

“New Target Of Alcohol In The Brain Identified” – University Of Illinois

You may not deal with head injuries every day in your practice but you will probably see a few in your career. This article shows how football players can be affected by CTE (and it’s symptoms) as the case history of 111 NFL players demonstrates

“111 NFL Brains: All But One Have CTE” – Joe Ward, Josh Williams, and Sam Manchester

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