Monday, November 18, 2019

Functional Mobilization To Improve Squats


First things first, I used to give credit where credit was due. That was a key part of The Eclectic Approach and Modern Manual Therapy. However, I received cease and desists for using the terminology of Institutes I don’t teach for – it’s not like I’m not giving credit where I originally learned these concepts!

If you or your patient has pain with squatting, try these variations

  • Tibial IR and Femoral ER with closed chain flexion
  • Tibial ER and Femoral IR with closed chain extension (coming up from the squat)

The patient I am talking about in the example (but not the PT I’m demoing on) had a patellar dislocation a few months ago and has been afraid to have his knee go into extension in all closed chain activities. With this Functional Mobilization, I restored threat free knee extension and was able to overpressure it at end range. It was also easy enough for the patient to replicate hourly for his Recovery Plan (what I am now calling the HEP).

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