Sunday, November 24, 2019

Articles Of The Week November 24, 2019


A tale of two nails shows us how thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, emotions, past experiences, context, and input from your body all affect your experience of pain. This also shows us (and our patients) how tissue damage is not an accurate indicator of tissue damage.

What Changes Pain? – Rachel Zoffness PhD

With our ever-growing technology, there is an increasing epidemic of loneliness and isolation in our modern society, which can have a major impact on our social culture. Part of what we can do as therapists is create a safe place for people to experience touch which is sadly lacking in our modern society. And the best part, it doesn’t have to be filled with fancy techniques to be helpful!

“Touch: The Need For Comfort In Times Of Isolation” – Heather Thuesen

For any athlete a warm-up before and a cool down after competition is important. However, the way we have done it for many years may not be the best way, and could even be causing harm. Research has told the Australian ballet that strengthening in end ranges to be more valuable than stretching.

“Why The Australian Ballet Dancers Quit Stretching” – Lara Bianca

I love this post because it preaches simplicity. All too often as therapists, we think some huge detailed exercise prescription is necessary to help a patient. But, you know what will help them more? The exercise they will actually do, and quite frankly…the simpler, the better.

“Less Is More…Some Thoughts On Exercise Prescription” – Mike James

Have you ever felt little nodules around the iliac crest on a patient? Turns out these have a name, and there is a possibility it could contribute to a patient’s pain experience.

“What In The World Are Back Mice” – Whitney Lowe


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