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Articles Of The Week September 8, 2019

So many patients have heard things like “your pain is all in your head” because a doctor didn’t understand a tricky condition the person was dealing with. While “it’s all in your head” is a terrible way to communicate with a patient, there is a direct correlation between trauma and chronic diseases, so mental health certainly has an impact on our physial health.

“Can Trauma Cause Chronic Illness?” – Renee Fabian

As seen in the above article, mental health is extremely important to our well being. However, one population where this is often overlooked or forgotten about is professional athletes. But thankfully this is starting to change and the stigma around it is changing to an attitude of strenth, not weakness.

“Why It Matters That More Athletes Are Talking About Their Mental Health” – John Affleck

Unfortunately our profession is often linked to prostitution, in spite of the great work so many of you are doing. Because of this, it is really important for us to protect ourselves and each other. This is why sharing this article is important, as a protection for each other. No matter how you decide to have your business, make sure YOU are in charge of it and protect yourself accordingly.

“They’re Putting People At Risk: Sexual Misconduct, Harassment, And Inaction At Zeel, The Top Massage App” – Brian Merchant

I remember teachers in college telling me how I may get a patient one day who comes in strictly to experience human touch. Well, now more than ever this may be a prime reason people come to see you, and this puts us into a pretty important position.

“We’re Living In An Age Where People Have Forgotten The Importance Of Physical Touch” – Eva Jackson

I’ve always been a big fan of this lady and she’s back to blogging again. If you haven’t looked at her stuff, check out her blog all about patients living with pain. In this post she gives lots of links to different sites which can help you understand the patients perspective. I hope she gets back to blogging frequently again…thanks Jo.

“Reconnecting, The First MyCuppaJo Email In A While” – Joletta Belton

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