Monday, May 13, 2019

Cervical Spine and Shoulder Stabilization Exercise


So your best needling/IASTM/soft tissue/manip improved cervical/scapular/shoulder ROM. What next? After manual therapy or a repeated loading strategy, pain and ROM is often rapidly improved. 

Repeated passive end range loading often keeps this improvement between visits. However, many times restoration of motion and improvement in pain thresholds does not always improve higher function or tissue resiliency to load.

When motion is realistically symmetrical and threat free in all planes, someone can move their shoulder and head/neck with varying rates of speed, I stabilize the area with eccentric isometric shoulder shrugs.

In this case, cervical/shoulder ROM was restored with light IASTM to the right cervical spine and right upper trap for a minute or so, followed by repeated cervical retraction and end range side bending to the right. Upon 2nd or 3rd follow up, with the above motions cleared and functional pre-post test still being threat free, I would progress to this “stabilization” phase of Eval, Reset, and Stabilize.


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