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Articles Of The Week May 5, 2019


Our ultimate goal is to help our patients live life with less pain than before they came to see us. However, with each treatment, they may not realize whether they are getting better or not, it may take some questioning to figure it out. Here are some good things we can question our patients about their pain.

“Am I Feeling Better?” – Jon Cain

We know the importance of massage therapy and it’s help with mental health issues like anxiety, stress, fatigue, and depression. Well, now there’s been some research done to show how it can help with a very stressful profession…nursing. While more research has to be done on the topic, at least this is a start.

“Aaaahhh How Massage Therapy Can Help Nurses Reduce Stress” – Rose Kennedy

There has been lots of research put into Alzheimer’s disease and now there is new research showing that bacteria in the brain may be the cause, giving hope for new more successful treatments.

“We May Finally Know What Causes Alzheimer’s And How To Stop It” – Debora MacKenzie

While this is directed at gym owners, it can easily be adapted to your massage therapy clinic. Using social media is a major part of advertising these days and can be a useful tool for getting your targeted niche of a patient to use your clinic. Pick your targeted audience, and focus on it.

“Social Media For Your Gym – Pick A Lane And Stay In It” – Pete Dupuis

While I don’t agree with everything is this post, there are some valid points made. All too often manual therapists focus on strictly doing manual therapy. They avoid things like pain education, biopsychosocial aspects, lifestyle changes, and goal setting. All of these things as well as movement important aspects of being a therapist, so we can’t strictly rely on manual therapy, but I believe you can do a lot more than just a little bit.

“Manual Therapy Even A Little Bit Is Far Too Much” – Tom Belotti

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