Sunday, April 22, 2018

Articles Of The Week April 22, 2018

Where do we go as a profession and as a practitioner if we pursue higher education? Is there an opportunity to stay in the profession and be in research, or in other capacities? This is a great article interviewing some RMT’s who have pursued higher education and what they see as opportunities.

“Preventing Brain Drain: Opportunities And Challenges For Higher Education” – Donald Dillon

Many manual therapists combine meditation and mindfulness into their treatments. A new study is looking at how mindfulness and meditation are helping patients dealing with depression.

“When Science Meets Mindfulness” – The Harvard Gazette

Amazing what communication and education can do for a patient. In this case, it may be more successful in helping people with chronic spinal pain compared to other interventions.

“Neuroscience Education Seen Improving Chronic Spinal Pain” – Judy George

I cherish sleep and have to hit the snooze button every morning. However, according to this article, that may be doing me more harm than good!

“Snoozers Are, In Fact, Losers” – Maria Konnikova

While we can’t necessarily counsel a patient on their nutrition (depending on your scope), we can always share information. Here’s some information backed by data on high-fat diets, that gives a fair bit of info on several topics around it.

“The Truth About High Fat Diets” – Brad Dieter


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