Sunday, April 15, 2018

Articles Of The Week April 15, 2018

There was quite the buzz over the past couple of weeks about a newly discovered organ. Some groups were jumping all over it, trying to use this as a way to reinforce their modalities. But, maybe this new discovery is not quite as it seems. 

“Two ‘Newly Discovered’ Human Organs Aren’t What They Seem” – Andrew Tarantola

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s going to happen eventually. There will be a point in your career, where you learn something that disrupts some of the beliefs you had in certain modalities, or concepts about manual therapy. So, you have a choice to either continue to go along with it or confront it. Here’s a good example of someone who chose to confront it.

“Confronting The Challenges Of A Major Paradigm Shift” – Whitney Lowe

Do you treat many patients who are dealing with a tendinopathy? Here’s some great info on how to progressively load tendons to rehab the injury.

“Lifters Guide To Treating Tendinopathy” – Sean Jacobs

You know how we feel about busting massage myths around here, so this article was of immediate interest. We know that when we give a massage, we aren’t flushing out toxins, but there is still some belief that you can sweat out toxins. Well, you can share this article with your patients to show them, that’s not a thing either!

“Fact Or Fiction: Can You Really Sweat Out Toxins?” – Erika Engelhaupt

Massage is awesome! In fact, it would be great if we had more confidence in it and didn’t try to use so many fancy explanations around modalities, but just use simple defensible reasoning on helping our patients.

“What’s With The Resistance?” – Taylor Laviolette

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