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Articles Of The Week December 8, 2019


Resilient is one of my favourite words and it’s something we should be working to instill in all of our patients. However, what about when we need to be resilient ourselves? This article gives some great tips and advice on how we can become emotionally resilient.

“How To Become Emotionally Resilient” – Marta Brzosko

You know how much we love pain science around here and the group over at modern pain care do too. Fortunately, they’re willing to share their knowledge and this even comes with a downloadable PDF so you can keep it handy in your clinic.

“10 Steps To “Pain Sciencing” With Success” – Modern Pain Care

Athletes love their ice baths and quite often take them because they see images of their sports heroes doing it as well. However, this may not be as beneficial as we used to believe and may even be hindering muscle growth.

“Cold Water Immersion Cools Muscle Growth” – Alicia Filley

It’s no secret that our healthcare systems need to change it’s the approach to pain management and how patients respond to pain. We need a push to get away from opioids and use more conservative care using education and multidisciplinary care, so it’s great to see major media outlets publishing articles like this one.

“Our Dangerous Fear Of Pain” – James D. Hudson

This is a great infographic to dispel the myth of knees over your toes in a lunge or a squat is a bad thing.

“You’re Over The Line” – Physio Praxis


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