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Articles Of The Week November 3, 2019


It’s one of my favourite words and one of the most important things we can instill in our patients. Resilience.

“Resilience” – Adam Meakins

As business owners, it’s almost inevitable, we’re going to get the odd negative review (but hopefully rarely). But, is there really much we can do about it? While something called the “Consumer Review Fairness Act” may limit what we can do, there are still some options.

“Why You Can’t Stop Negative Reviews: Understanding The Consumer Review Fairness Act” – Erin Jackson

I’m sure it’s seen everywhere in health care, but it feels like we may face pseudoscience a bit more than others? At least it feels this way to me. So, why do so many people fall for it, and what can we do about it? A number of things, but working on our communication is a good start.

“Why People Fall For Pseudoscience And How Academics Can Fight Back” – Sian Townson

We shared one of her articles last week and she’s at it again with this great post on helping people with something called a “Window Of Tolerance” so we can understand how to work within a person’s tolerance, depending on what they are facing.

“The Window Of Tolerance And Massage Therapy” – Jennifer Fleming

This is great to see! Great that some organizations are changing with up to date research for the betterment of patients. They are opposing the use of degenerative disc disease as a diagnosis for back pain as this is a normal part of aging and not related to a disease.

“AAOMPT Opposes Use Of ‘Degenerative Disc Disease’ As Diagnostic Term For Neck, Back Pain” – Kate Anderson

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