Sunday, October 6, 2019

Articles Of The Week October 6, 2019

We know how important movement is for people dealing with chronic pain. There is even research showing if someone with chronic pain gets involved in an activity they enjoy, it can cause pain reduction. Some are now using pole dancing as an activity to do just that, and having some great results.

“How Pole Dancing Is Helping These Women In Their Chronic Pain” – Stephanie Schroeder

As someone who works in sport, I’ve always struggled with the term “sport massage”. Other than doing a stimulatory warm up session before competition, what we do isn’t all that different than what we do in a clinical setting. So, when we look at this article, there are many similarities between what we do in sport, and in our clinic, our intent may just be a bit different.

“Sports Massage For Non Athletes” – Nick Ng

A couple weeks ago we shared an article showing new research on the use of NSAIDs and their relation to heart attacks and strokes. Well, now there’s research showing how damaging NSAIDs can be to endurance athletes.

“Ironman Should Rethink It’s Partnership” – Jason Koop

Exercise is great for our hearts, and can actually remodel it for better strength and efficiency. However, you can have diffferent results for different sports. While there can be variations, the most important message is that exercise is good for our hearts.

“The Heart Of A Swimmer vs. The Heart Of A Runner” – Gretchen Reynolds

While this study was done on mice, it’s interesting to see that scientists have discovered lungs actually assist in making blood. It will be interesting to see if these studies could be done on humans one day to see if there is a similar result.

“An Unexpected New Lung Function Has Been Found – They Make Blood” – Science Alert

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