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Articles Of The Week September 29, 2019

Some great info about Achilles tendon loading progressions, complete with content and images with instructions.

“Achilles Tendon Loading Progression” – The Physio Network

This one is important for those of us who work in sport and also act as First Responders for our athletes. There have been changes made to how we apply stimulation, as well as how the patient responds, and how we interpret the findings.

“The Glascow Coma Scale Turns 40 And Gets A Facelift” – Micheal Fraley

We know that mindfulness and meditation are important, but it turns out this can actually make a massive difference in brain function. Studies show this can increase gray matter in several areas of the brain that contribute to decision making, memory, as well as the auditory and sensory cortex.

“Neuroscience Shows That 50-Year-Olds Can Have The Brains Of 25-Year-Olds If They Sit Quietly And Do Nothing For 15 Minutes A Day”Melanie Curtin

Understanding pain is important for us to help our patients, so is understanding pain behaviours. If we change how we react to pain we could also change pain behavours. 

“My Story: Eeeeek… Pain Behaviours!” –  Tom Bowen

Genes, lifestyle, and relationships can all influence your health, but it turns out, so can your thoughts. What we tell ourselves about who we are and why things happen, influence our stress levels, health, and happiness. 

“Are Your Thoughts Aging You?” – B Grace Bullock PhD

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