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Articles Of The Week September 22, 2019


A few months ago there was an article claiming that smartphones were making Millenials grow horns. Fortunately, they have realized their mistake and recanted on their claims.

“Science Journal Walks Back Claim That Smartphones Make Millennials Grow Horns” – Nsikan Akpan

I once had a patient come in for a few treatments on their shoulder and we had limited success as far as improvement. We later found out they had a labral tear and ended up having surgery. But, was this really necessary? Maybe not.

“Can You Treat A Labral Tear?” – Jon Cain

There are many factors that contribute to our individual pain experiences. As it turns out if someone is injured at work their education, compensation systems, perceived disability, and depression can all influence how long someones pain persists.

“What Dictates How Much Pain You Feel After An Injury” – Malcolm Hogg

Quite often NSAID’s are recommended to help with inflammation and pain relief when patients are dealing with an injury. But is this really the best course of action? The FDA has shown that NSAID use actually contributes to heart attacks and strokes, so while their use may be useful in the short term, long term use is not recommended.

“FDA Strengthens Warning That NSAID’S Increase Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke” – Gregory Curfman MD

There has long been research showing the benefit of exercise with regard to depression, but does it work equally for everyone?Put simply: exercise helps prevent depression. Just because you exercise doesn’t mean you won’t ever become depressed, but it certainly reduces the chances that you will.

“Everything We Know About Exercise And Depression” – Brad Stulberg

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