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Articles Of The Week July 21, 2019

We aren’t the only profession where regulaiton is an issue, but we may be the more noticable one. Insurers take this into account, and in some places can deny coverage for our services, and regulation can make a massive difference in gaining respect from other professions. But are the costs associated with this too much?

“Are The Costs And Rules Associated With Regulatory Bodies Too Burdensome” – Ian Kamm

People living with chronic pain have a host of issues to deal with like depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance and not being able to partake in some of their favourite daily activities. So, while cost can be a barrier to treatment, there is a case to be made for this population to have access to pain treatment that works for them.

“Canadians In Chronic Pain: Cost, Access To Treatment Pose Significant Barriers For Those Suffering The Most” – Angus Reid Institute

Remember the last time you were sick, or injured and had no energy during youre recovery? Well, there may be a link between inflammation interfering with the dopaminergic signaling system in the brain that motivates us to do things.

“Chronic Inflammation Removes Motivation By Reducing Dopamine In The Brain” – Dr. Liji Thomas

We’ve always known exercise to be good for us and our cardiovascular system, but high intensity interval exercise training may help to increase blood flow to the brain in older adults, helping to increase brain health.

“High Intensity Training Interval Training (HIIT) May Prevent Cognitive Decline” – Dr. Tom Bailey

Obese people who engaged in resistance training were more likely to see reductions in a type of heart fat that has been linked to cardiovascular disease, a new study finds.

“Weightlifting Better At Reducing Heart Fat Than Aerobic Exercise” – Linda Carroll


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