Sunday, July 7, 2019

Article Of The Week July 7, 2019

We know that squats are a great exercise that has an effect on several muscle groups. However, new research is showing it is also a great adductor exercise.

“Squats Are Secretly An Adductor Exercise” – Greg Nuckols

This is very interesting, especially for those of you who work with kids. This study showed that depressed adolescents have decreased functional connectivity between several brain regions involved in emotion processing, but increased connectivity between brain regions known to be involved in rumination. Might be something good to know if one of the adolescents you treat is dealing with depression.

“Altered Functional Connectivity Observed In The Brains Of Adolescents In The First Episode Of Depression” – Eric W. Dolan

As therapists, it is important for us to promote resiliency in our patients. One of the big ways we can do this is by showing a patient their capacity for load, (especially on an injured area), where load can also be a way of relieving pain. Therefore, it is important to understand load vs. capacity, so this article should help that out.

“Load Vs. Capacity: The Good And The Debate” – Kevin Maggs

We are constantly attempting to help our patients who deal with pain and a host of other issues that may come up with them. Turns out there may be a genetic factor that is influencing some of these things, so it would be good to take this into account as well.

“New Genetic Study Links Chronic Pain To Depression, BMI, Schizophrenia, Arthritis, and PTSD” – Keira Johnston

Would you like some free pain education? Check out this course being offered and see if you can start to help your patients just a bit more by offering them simple explanations for why they are experiencing pain.

“Free Pain Education” – Melissa Farmer

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