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Articles Of The Week June 9, 2019


The things that happen to us as children can have a significant effect on our brain and in turn on how we deal with things as an adult. Various types of trauma can have different effects later in life ranging from criminality to drug addiction, and even chronic illness.

“Childhood Trauma Leads To Brains Wired For Fear” – Side Effects Public Health Media

As massage therapists, we take on a lot when it comes to treating our patients. We have to be “on” so to speak when every patient comes in and be willing to help them with whatever it is they have going on in life that day. But, what do we do for ourselves? Here’s some great advice and six different ways to perform self-care.

“Self Care For Massage Professionals: Emotional Wellness & Self Management” – Susan Salvo

How often do you have patients come in with irritated tendons, but you’re not quite sure how to manage it? Well, probably the most important thing is to use progressive loading and this article outlines why.

“Achilles Tendinitis Treatment Science” – Paul Ingraham

It seems in our medical and manual therapy world, there is always a certain amount of pseudoscience that gets shared and promoted whether on social media or in some continuing education courses (fortunately it’s not just in our industry, it is rampant in other areas as well). So, how do we combat it? Well, by practice and training how we think.

“The Cure For Pseudoscience? Clear Thinking” – Helen Lee Bouygues

This article goes well with the first one in this list, as we look at how concussions can affect children later in life. Unfortunately, a concussion diagnosis is often missed, so we have to be diligent in recognizing when a concussion could have happened.

“Hidden Epidemic? Childhood Concussion May Lead To Long Term Cognitive And Behavioral Problems” – The Conversation

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