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Articles Of The Week June 23, 2019

We hear lots about taking courses where you can add another “tool” to your toolbox. This is usually centered around courses teaching a new technique, or modality. We REALLY need to start challenging that and focusing our efforts into other learning that will be more beneficial to our patients and this article does a great job explaining why.

“Your Hands Are Great, Who Cares?” – Lauren Cates

When I started out in this profession, all I wanted to do was ‘deep’ work and tear people up. However, I was fortunate enough (and so were the patients I treated), to realize how folly this approach was. It’s important that we change and start treating our patients according to up to date research, so an article like this is long overdue.

“To Relive Muscle Tension, Deeper is Not Always Better” – David Lauterstein

We all know how effective massage therapy can be for helping people in pain. Australia is developing a national plan for pain management and as we know, massage therapy should be part of that plan.

“Is Massage Therapy Part Of Australia’s National Pain Plan?” – AMT

I’m guilty of asking each of my patients how they are doing when they come in for treatment. However, I haven’t taken a step back to consider how answering that question may affect them. This is something we should certainly be taking into account, so maybe this article will help you understand this better.

“Answering ‘How Are You?’ As A Person With Chronic Illness” – Adira Bennett

Mental health is constantly becoming more recognized and one of the major things getting more recognition is PTSD. This next article is a great example of how a veteran is using massage therapy to help others dealing with PTSD and has some great takeaways for all of us.

“A Healing Touch: Veteran Provides Massage Therapy To PTSD Patients” – Staff Sgt Kaylee Dubois

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