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Articles Of The Week April 28, 2019


As we progress towards a more evidence-based practice both personally and hopefully overall as a profession, new opportunities will continue to open up for massage therapy. Part of this is being able to explain to patients exactly what we do and what we offer. Here are four science-backed ways we can do so.

“4 Science-Backed Ways Massage Therapy Helps People Feel Better” – Richard Lebert

When it comes to manual therapy there is any number of courses and teachings centered around techniques of touching people in different ways. However, what is really important is touch and narrative. We often focus on what we hope are specific effects, but the non-specific may be more important.

“Clinical Reasoning In Manual Therapy” – Nick Efthimiou

Research is showing that slow gentle stroking of the skin can be an effective way to reduce feelings of social exclusion. While it didn’t completely eliminate the feelings of exclusion, it did help.

“Gentle Touch Soothes The Pain Of Social Rejection” – Science Daily

Researchers in Sweden have shown that nerve endings in our fingertips actually encode information about touch intensity and shape before it even reaches the brain. Probably why you can do some treatments on autopilot, letting your hands feel their way through the treatment.

“Your Fingertips Perform Brain Like Calculations” – Carl Engelking

As therapists, we regularly talk to our patients about their homecare and taking care of themselves, to be kind to themselves. But, how often do we take our own advice? If we are kind to ourselves, we can actually treat others better as a result.

“The Heart And Science Of Kindness” – Melissa Brodrick

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