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Articles Of The Week March 24, 2019


How often has a patient come in and said “I have a slipped disc!” and they’re freaking out about it? Well, the reality is, discs don’t slip and this article gives some great insight you can use with your patients to reassure them they will be okay.

“Discs Do Not Slip” – Minki Kim

Is the removal of tissue really the best option for some areas of pain? Probably not, yet this remains an option for those experiencing Vulvodynia. However,  shouldn’t we be looking for the source of pain rather than just cutting something off?

“No Better Than The Flip Of A Coin?” – Sandy Hilton

New research (although it was done on mice), shows that weight-bearing exercise on the legs is vital for the production of healthy nervous system cells. It shows how critical movement is along with implications around sedentary lifestyle and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Leg Exercise Is Critical To Brain And Nervous System Health” – Technology Networks

If you’ve never had a chronic illness, you’ve probably never thought about the mental and emotional strain associated with it. This is a great story of someone with diabetes and how it has taken a toll mentally and emotionally. I’m sure we all have patients with diabetes and this can help our empathy, but I’m sure it can help our empathy for any of our patients with a chronic illness.

“My Chronic Illness Totally Changed The Way I Think About Mental Health” – Ashley Batz

Do you have patients that are constantly trying the newest exercise and diet fads? Here’s the history behind some of them (and some go WAY back) so you can keep your patient updated on the not so newest fad.

“11 Diet And Fitness Trends That Are Not Actually New” – Jerilyn Covert

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