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Articles Of The Week March 17, 2019

I would say as a profession, we are a compassionate group. However, it turns out compassion can be trained in your brain and can be enhanced with training and practice.

“Brain Can Be Trained In Compassion” – Alison DeShaw Rowe

This is a REALLY good article to share with your patients who are dealing with pain. All too often they are referred for imaging, which only increases pain when patients see the result. However, if we changed things and patients were educated about their pain properly, we would probably have better outcomes.

“Do You Know The Risks And Rewards Of Pain Treatments?” – Kal Fried

Communication matters, however, sometimes communication can be tough and sometimes we are left wondering if our communication was done the right way. If you feel like you’ve been in a situation like this before, you’re not alone, but it is something we can work on. 

“The Enemies Within” – Benjamin Stevens

As business owners, the way we present our business can make a massive difference in our success. This is a great article about what to look for and create when it comes to designing your logo.

“What Makes A Strong Logo For Your Massage Practice (With Examples)” – Michael Reynolds

We have written about imposter syndrome before and as this article shows, it’s not just an issue with people in manual therapy. One of the things that is a little surprising, is those who have imposter syndrome are quite often top performers. While this article is directed towards doctors, it provides some great advice for all of us who may be doubting our skills.

“Understanding And Dealing With Imposter Syndrome” – Jocelyn Lowinger

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