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Articles Of The Week February 10, 2019

Whether it’s working too long of hours, compassion fatigue, debt, or any other aspect of life, experiencing burnout is all too common within manual therapy professions. If you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone but there are things you can do to help.

“Beating Burnout” – Eric Ries

We’ve all had them…the challenging patient. But is this the patient, or the culture of care? This is a great post from the patient perspective and it shows us how the words we use can make a difference for both the positive and the negative.

“The Challenging Patient…” – Joletta Belton

We all know how important sleep is but is more sleep something you should recommend to your patients? It might be really difficult for someone to get more sleep with our busy lives, but there may be ways for you to recommend they get better sleep.

“The Sleep Tip You Should Never Give A Client (And Others 5 You Should)” – Mike T. Nelson

All too often when people experience back pain they think it’s necessary to visit the emergency room and many research articles on back pain are directed at ‘primary care’ practitioners and how to deal with it. But, wouldn’t it be better if the public was educated on when visiting the emergency room is really necessary? Well, here’s an article you can share to help educate your patients.

“Severe Back Pain? Only 3 Reasons To Visit The Emergency Room” – Keith Roper

Here is a great resource of books that explore the relationship between the mind and the body. Anyone of them could help us understand various different aspects of the body, which I’m sure we would all be happy to learn more about.

“Ten Books To Help People Understand The Human Body And Its Complexity” – Richard Lebert

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