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Articles Of The Week January 27, 2019


First, we start with an AWESOME, free resource from MTDC coach Ben Cormack. He has developed a workbook for our patients living with pain to help them navigate what they are going through. It’s free for you to use and share with your patients, so I suggest you take FULL advantage.

“Living Well With Pain” – Ben Cormack

While this article is directed to our Canadian friends, most of the information will probably apply to most other countries as well. Privacy, Google, and personal information protection should be important to all of us, so there’s some good advice to take heed of.

“RMT Tech Talk: Changes Coming In 2019 That May Affect Massage Therapists” – Jessica Foster

Stem cell research has come a long way and is starting to show some results. If nothing else, this is a feel-good story to share with your patients!

“First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Now Regained His Upper Body Movement” – Upsworthy

Great to see the medical community is starting to see the folly in unnecessary imaging. This article points out not only how unnecessary this is, but also the cost savings and the numerous problems that can be created by its use.

“JAMA Opinion Piece Slams Our Addiction To ‘Unnecessary’ MRI’s, CT Scans” – Erin Blakemore

While the title should be enough of an explanation, it does pose a VERY important question. Well, some of us are just afraid to ask, or reach out for help, but there is help available, and some new imaging that could help us see changes in those dealing with mental health disorders.

“Why Isn’t Mental Health Universally Identified As A Medical Condition?” – Locker Room Doctor

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