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Articles Of The Week January 20, 2019


Coming out of college, everything seemed so straightforward! You’ve got a toolbox of techniques and you may even look to specialize in one of them, all the while helping as many patients as you can. Well, things aren’t so straightforward, and the times they are a changing. With it usually taking 17 years for new research to be applied in practice, we need to stay on top of the new and evolving research, along with a strong alliance with those patients.

“Manual Therapists: Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?” – Paul E. Mintken, Jason Rodeghero & Joshua A. Cleland

Patient centred care means different things to different people. Because it has different meanings for different people, there may also be ethical dilemmas surrounding the topic as well. This article delves into some of these topics, while also having you reflect on what this topic means to you.

“‘Patient-Centred’ – What Does It Mean And How Achievable Is It?” – Andreas Laupacis & Jennifer Gibson

Using unstable surfaces for strength training and rehab has been a popular practice for quite some time. However, does it really work? Well, it depends on the patients goals, your scope of practice, and just plain sticking to the basic principles of exercise program design.

“Is Unstable Surface Training A Waste Of Time?” – Nick Ng

He has been at the forefront of pain research over the past number of years and Peter O’Sullivan is always worth listening to. No different with this article, where it shows how he and his team are using ‘Cognitive Functional Therapy’ to treat back pain.

“The ‘Mythbusters’ Of Back Pain Believe They Can Treat It – With Words” – Liam Mannix

We published a post earlier this week about when NOT to treat a patients thoracic pain, but when you can, this is a good post. Dean goes through a few different drills and exercises to help increase thoracic rotation, most of which you can do right in your treatment room.

“Cleaning Up Thoracic Rotation” – Dean Somerset

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