Sunday, December 30, 2018

Articles Of The Week December 30, 2018

New This Week

Our friend Ellie Somers talks training female runners. Do you have clients that don’t seem to be reaching her potential?  Here’s some info that may help her out:

3 Common Training Pitfalls Made by Female Runners

It’s the New Year and resolutions and diet crazes abound.  If we have a working liver do we really need to detox?  A Canadian professor of health law and science policy Timothy Caulfield put some of the most popular detoxes to the test:

The Delusion of Detoxing: There’s no Evidence to Support Holiday Cleanses, Experts Say  


The MTDC Year in Review

December: Myofascial Release: An Evolving and Simple Definition  

November: How Much Neuroscience Do We Really Need?  

October: Altered Skin Colour and Circulation, Result of Massage or Nervous System?

October: Predictive Coding: Why Expectation Matters for Movement and Pain

September: 4 Tissue Loading Progressions to Help with Knee Pain

July: Understanding Depression, Ways to Recognize and Help

May: Where Does the Social Fit in Biopsychosocial?  

April: Tissue Loading for Acute Injuries

April: Pathologizing: Our Words Matter

March: It’s Time to Start Building Your Tribe  

February: The Difficulty of Challenging Our Beliefs  

February: 6 Ways to Develop Leadership as a Massage Therapist  

January: Three Reasons It Matters Why a Treatment Works

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