Sunday, November 4, 2018

Articles Of The Week November 4, 2018


We shared a similar story last week and this one is just as important. There is a movement taking place for a push towards evidence-based practice within manual therapy. It looks like the change is going public as some chiropractors push back against their peers. This should be happening in all aspects of manual therapy and I hope to see all of our professions following suit.

“Chiropractors At A Crossroads: The Fight For Evidence-Based Treatment And A Profession’s Reputation” – Paul Benedetti and Wayne McPhail

Sometimes putting yourself out there and writing blogs can be a pretty scary thing. The author of this post did a great job of putting this post together to explain what massage can do. It’s definitely worth the share.

“What Can Massage Really Do?” – Leyla Rsk

We learned breast massage in college and the topic has come up several times in practice. I’ve never done breast massage in practice and would probably refer out to someone with more experience in this area. This is a great discussion on some of the issues related to doing breast massage including safety, consent, and respect.

“Examining Issues Related To Breast Massage” – Nick Ng and Rachel Scott

It is always important to consistently market your business, but sometimes it’s tough to come up with new and effective ways to do so. This is a great quick article outlining why with the holiday season coming up you should host a charity event to increase business and give back to your community.

“Quick Tip: Why You Should Host A Charity Event This Holiday Season” – Lou Schuler

There are many obstacles we have to overcome to be successful in business. Quite often some of these things are out of our control, so we just have to try and figure things out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go well. This post shows some examples of how things don’t go well and one of our colleagues ends up shutting down their practice. There are certainly some things to learn from this one.

“Why I Left Massage Therapy After 14 Years: The Career That I Loved!” – Massage Therapist And Body Worker

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