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Articles Of The Week November 11, 2018


Quite often people end up living with an issue because they just think it’s a normal reaction their body has to a life experience. Pelvic floor issues are one of those things. People think that because they had kids, or are getting older that peeing a little when they workout, cough, or laugh is just part of life. Well, it doesn’t have to be!

“Does Working Out Make You Pee? Pelvic Floor PT To The Rescue!” – Jenna Jozefowski & Sarah Haag

Educating our patients is a crucial part of the treatment process. But is it more important than other aspects of treatment? Well, it turns out taking the time to listen, while giving your time and attention to patients may be just as important.

“Explain Pain Is Just As Good As Listening And Giving Attention For Low Back Pain Patients” – Nick Ng

It can be exciting to learn a new technique and start to apply them to your patients. At what point do we have enough ‘techniques’ and start to rely on clinical reasoning? This is a great and very important post which addresses this topic.

“Technique Isn’t Enough: The Importance Of Clinical Reasoning” – Whitney Lowe

It is always great to see massage therapy gaining momentum in healthcare and even better when it gains more recognition from other health professions. Great to see that a hospital in New York is making massage a priority.

“New York Hospital Makes Medical Massage Therapy A Priority” – Christina DeBrusk

Massage therapy is useful for many things and chronic pain is certainly one of them. Quite often by influencing anxiety and quality of sleep we can help make a difference not only in pain levels for our patients but also in the quality of life.

“Massage Therapy For Chronic Pain” – RMTAO

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