Saturday, October 6, 2018

Articles Of The Week October 7, 2018


It’s great to see that some major outlets are starting to share sensible information. This article about back pain is great and actually shares some quality knowledge. Movement for back pain is probably the best medicine we can use and this article agrees!

“Babying Your Back May Delay Healing” – Harvard Women’s Health Watch

I’m absolutely honoured that this guy has been following me from early on, and I’ve been following him. The beauty is how he’s started doing videos. He’s an absolute pro when it comes to runners, so if you work with that population, make sure you follow this guy, cause he’s an absolute PRO!

“How Stretching Can Delay Recovery” – Matt Phillips

I refer to Bronnie a lot, cause she puts out great stuff. How’s your assessment, is it time to change? Well, it might be, give this post a read and decide for yourself.

“From The Particular To The General – Clinical Reasoning In The Real World” – Bronnie Lennox Thompson

“Ergonomics do not have a firm basis in science.” How many patients do you have, who have been told their ergonomics need to be fixed to get rid ‘of pain!? Well, you may want to share this article with them.

“A Difficult Position: Experts Question Whether Ergonomics Holds Up” – Liam Mannix

This one comes from one of my favourite massage therapy people, so you’d better listen up! If you’re debating going out on your own, or just debating starting your own business, Rajam has some great advice for you, and I suggest you heed it!

“How To Start A Massage Therapy Business” – Rajam Roose


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