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Articles Of The Week October 28, 2018


You know we love it when people promote evidence-based practice around here! Fortunately, these guys do that a lot and this week bring us the five most effective evidence-based ways to help with concussions.

“5 Most Effective Evidence-Based Treatment Options For Concussions” – Complete Concussion Management

We all know the importance of how we communicate with patients and the difference it can make. What about when negative messages are coming from mainstream media that could affect our patients? Well, they’re taken on with this post and as someone who works in women’s sport, this one is GOOD!

“Dear Runners World, Women’s Health & Amanda McCracken” – Ellie Somers

Super interesting article on how the body deals with and heals trauma. It shows a strong connection with the body and mind connection and the better understanding we have of this the better we can help our patients.

“The Science Of How Our Minds And Our Bodies Converge In The Healing Of Trauma” – Maria Popova

We have had articles and discussions on this blog around the topic of resilience and teaching resilience to patients. But, what is resilience and why is it important? Well, our buddy Ben Cormack has the answer for you and the best part is how many things you can do with your patients to help their resiliency.

“Resilience – What Is It And Why Is It A Big Deal For Recovery?” – Ben Cormack

We are all business owners, whether a clinic owner or a contractor. So, if there are ways to make business life easier, it’s worth taking the time to check it out. Here are 32 tools you can use to help with everything from accounting, to websites, design, and organization.

“32 Mostly Free Tools You Can’t Afford To Run Your Business Without” – Healthinomics

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