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Articles Of The Week October 21, 2018

Richard is always great at putting educational resources together for our profession and he’s at it again. Here is a long list of educational resources for you to use and share with your network about the benefits of massage therapy.

“Open Educational Resources For Massage Therapists” – Richard Lebert

Review is always a good thing right!? This post was done way back in 2014 but we stumbled across it this week. It’s a great review of a peripheral nerve root, which helps us understand how they work just a little bit better.

“Anatomy Of A Peripheral Nerve Root” – Diane Jacobs.

Ever wondered how much you should increase the load or training demand when doing rehab with a patient? Well, its always a variable, but the 10% rule is a good place to start and this article sums up nicely how to implement that.

“When Progressing Training, Not All Load Is Created Equally” – Tim Gabbett

Sometimes research is done to try and prove what we “think” we are doing, as opposed to trying to prove a theory wrong, or prove what’s “actually” happening. Unfortunately this happens a lot in manual therapy. In this post some bias’ get challenged and research shows what is “actually happening” with some of our treatments.

“Model Issues” – Sam Jarman

This is a VERY important article to share because it could happen to ANY manual therapy profession, and SHOULD happen to every manual therapy profession. The College of Chiropractic here in British Columbia is telling all chiropractors to remove any advertising there is no acceptable evidence to support, or face discipline. Kudos to them for making their practitioners accountable to the public and pushing for evidence based practice.

“Chiropractor Crackdown: College Gives Ultimatum On Misleading Health Claims” – Bethany Lindsay



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