Friday, September 28, 2018

Articles Of The Week September 30, 2018

Sometimes when we treat patients who are dealing with chronic pain it can be difficult to come up with appropriate home care for them as they are often afraid to move. What about if we took a totally different approach and gave them directions to find joy?

“Finding Joy” – Devra Joy

We’ve been putting up lots of posts on tissue loading lately as it’s a VERY important part of helping patients rehab injuries and overcoming pain. This is a great post with videos of exercises for platar surface foot pain.

“Midfoot Mobility – Toe Extension – Strength” – Jeff Cubos

This is another one of those “try looking outside the box” kind of articles. It comes from a medical doctor’s approach of using poetry to connect with and creating a real connection to help his patients.

“Expanding The Time We Have With Patients Through Poetry” – Rafael Campo

Last week Readers Digest put out an article about 14 exercises you should never do after the age of 50 (I think they’ve since changed the title). The physical therapist in this youtube video disagrees and so do we!

“5 Exercises You Can (And Often Should) Do at Any Age| A Physical Therapist Explains Why!”Ryan Smith

This is another video which shows for one the importance of tissue loading with tendionpathies and also how the motor cortex of the brain is involved. It also shows creative ways of using a metronome to effectively tailor an exercise session for the patient. 

“How The Brain Is Involved In Tendon Pain” – Ebonie Rio

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