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Articles Of The Week September 23, 2018


All of us deal with patients experiencing back pain. The question is, can we do better? Well, while this post is coming from a “training” perspective, the message in it is quite applicable to us as therapists, and I think we can do a better job.

“How To Train Clients With Low Back Pain” – Ellie Somers

Well, when this lady speaks, we listen. Laura has been an advocate and educator for massage therapy for quite some time and has decided to make one of her courses for free. If you’re interested in, already dealing with, or are just curious about treating people with cancer, here is a free course you should take.

“The Ethics Of Working With People With Cancer” – Laura Allen

Once or twice, we may have talked about the biopsychosocial approach around here :). So, this article is great. It actually chronicles the history of the approach and is well worth the read.

“Everything Old Is New Again, On A History Of The Biopsychosocial Model” – Tim Cocks

I’ve had some patients come in and say: “can we just not talk at all during the session?” Everyone is different and everyone likes different things. Some patients want to unload and talk during the entire treatment, others enjoy the silence. So, what do we do if our patient does not want to talk at all? This post has some good advice and approaches on how to handle that.

“Talk Or No Talk During Massage” – Raechel Haller

For those of us who work in sport, this is always a great topic, and great to see more research is being done. We used to tell athletes to sit in a dark room for the first little bit when dealing with a concussion, that has since been proven negative. However, there are new things underway that show activity is of more help.

“New Active Rehabilitation Program For Treating Concussion Being Tested” – University Of Alberta

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