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Articles Of The Week September 16, 2018


As business owners, there are many things we need to take into account. Malpractice claims are certainly one of the things we need to be concerned about. However, maybe not, if you follow the advice in this post. It covers both how to avoid malpractice claims in person and on social media.

“How To Protect Your Practice Against Malpractice Claims” – Rajam Roose

Not all see manual therapy as a form of primary care in the healthcare system. Yet, it can be a low cost, low risk, and proven effective for many conditions. So, could modern healthcare take a few lessons from the military?

“Primary Care And The Physical Therapist: Lessons From The Military” – Jason Silvernail

Turns out exercise is more important than ergonomics in preventing neck pain! According to this study, exercise-based interventions halved the incidence of neck pain compared to ergonomic interventions/

“Exercise More Important Than Ergonomics In Preventing Neck Pain” – Haley Williams

This is an interesting post, that I’m sure will generate some discussion. It’s a look at how our thoughts and how we manage them could possibly generate pain. Do we repeatedly tell ourselves stories, or ruminate on things that generate a negative response?

“Clean Pain And Dirty Pain: The Two Types Of Emotional Suffering” – Rory

I’ve been wanting to write something about this for quite some time, (and I still might). This one is quick and to the point on the matter of whether massage therapy releases toxins or not. Give it a read and share if you agree.

“Massage Releases Toxins, Fact Or Fiction?” – Custom Bodies Fitness And Massage



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