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Articles Of The Week July 8, 2018

There seems to be constant debate around the topic of trigger points, and these first two articles are just that! Both articles are worth the read, and I’m sure the debate will be contested regularly.

In this article, the author discusses whether trigger points are a tissue-based sensitization or a result of central sensitization? The author goes on to argue that they are not a result of central sensitization.

“Trigger Points And The Nervous System: Myth Or Reality?” – Cesar Fernandez-de-las-Penas

This is in response to the above article. The argument is that trigger points are the result of sensitized peripheral neural tissue.

“Tilting At Trigger Points” – John Quinter

A new study shows that aerobic exercise 24 hours after a concussion can be beneficial. However, it should be exercise with minimal head movement, like stationary cycling. Exercises involving head movements like swimming, or jogging would not be recommended.

“Starting Aerobic Exercise Soon After Concussion Improves Recovery Times” – University Of Toronto

A key goal in tendinopathy rehab is improving the capacity of the tendon and muscle to manage load. We also want to reduce pain, and this article shows how to properly progress a tendinopathy rehab program.

“Tendinopathy Rehab Progression Part 1” – Tom Goom

While this post is probably meant for a bit of humour, it hits home an important point. This is why a good intake and communication with patients is crucial, as is the knowledge of various conditions and their contraindications.

“The Masseuse Who Pulled My Arm Out” – Angela Clarke



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