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Articles Of The Week July 29, 2018

We have preached about these kind of things many times, but it’s great to see bigger organizations like the AMTA spreading the word as well. Let’s get rid of these many myths in our profession and start sharing quality information with our patients. 

“Myths Vs. Truths In The Massage Therapy Profession” – Renee Zagozdan

This is just a simple quick video, but it’s an important message that NEEDS to be shared. So many practitioners are still using language like “slipped disc” when talking to patients about pain. Well, that needs to stop.

“You Can’t Slip A Disc” – Lorimer Moseley

We quite often promote looking at research, making sure it’s good research, and making sure it’s up to date. But, as pointed out in this article, there’s still lots we can learn from older research that can still be applied and used within our practice.

“Learning From Old Research, (Digging Into History)” – Bronnie Lennox Thompson

This is a great post that outlines 50 quotes on pain from Louis Gifford. They are well worth the read, and many of them you could use to help explain some things to your patients.

“Louis Gifford And His Legacy” – Lars Avemarie

Quite often we hold on to old theories because we believed they worked, and have had some success with them in practice. However, sometimes those things need to be challenged, and in this post the rotation of the sacrum on the ilium and treatment of it is discussed. Give the videos a watch as Sam gives a good explanation of what is actually happening and how we can reshape our testing and treatment of the area in our practice.

“Reconsider Those Theories: Cognitive Biases In Action” – Samuel Jarman

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