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Articles Of The Week July 1, 2018


There are always arguments to be had in our manual therapy fields, and this one ranks right toward the top. Trigger Points. We’ve all “treated” them using various methods, and the explanation behind what they are is debatable, and so are the methods of treatment. So, it’s good to see that both the trigger point and the treatment are being debated.

“Trigger Points – Myofascial Pathology, Or Fight Starter?” – Aran Bright

Throughout manual therapy professions whether massage, chiro, physio, kins, or any other one, there are antiquated explanations that are still being taught. However, in order for all of us to use best practice and evidence-based approach, things need to change. While it’s directed at physio’s, this article is applicable to all of us.

“Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Training In Canada; Reflections On Manual Therapy And The Orthopaedic Division” – Greg Lehman

As therapists we are great at taking care of our patients, but how good are we at taking care of ourselves? It’s really hard for an entrepreneur to fit in vacation time and recharge, but what if there were other ways we could help ourselves to recharge? It could be just 30 minutes a day.

“How To Take Mini Vacations At Work And Not Feel Guilty” – Daniel Olexa

All too often the general public associate’s pain with tissue damage. Hopefully, most of us medical professionals are promoting a different explanation. This article is a great explanation of how there is a medical trap with bad explanations. We can do better.

“Feeling Pain? Get Active: How To Recognise When You’re In A Modern Medical Trap”  – Jill Margo

The brain is more than amazing. This post shows how exposing a child to music education can actually make a difference in reading skills, language skills, and effective communication.

“A Childs Brain Develops Faster With Exposure To Music Education”  – Anita Nee

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