Sunday, June 3, 2018

Articles Of The Week June 3, 2018

There is much debate about which treatments work best. Some even demand that some types of treatment don’t work at all, while others are the gold standard. But, in reality, who are we to say which is best, and in turn taking the choice away from the patient? This is a great article debating just that and is WELL worth the read.

“Using The Socratic Method Debate On The Debate About Passive Treatment” – Carl Davies

Hearing stories from those who deal with chronic pain can be a crucial component of being a therapist. This story is a good one. After being fearful of movement, a great therapist gradually exposed the patient to movements with a good explanation, which had a profound effect. Listening to the patients story, and some good education can go a long way in helping patients in pain.

“Why Goldilocks Is My Rehab Heroine” – Cheryl Lee

I don’t think any of us learn enough about business coming out of school, and going into business for yourself is a scary thing! However, all of us are small business owners, even if we don’t own the clinic. So, here’s some great advice from a successful entrepreneur in our industry on how to get started as a massage business owner.

“How To Start A Massage Business” – Rajam Roose

We all know there are lots of ‘myths’ within our industry. Here are seven myths related to health that you may be asked about in your practice. While the author doesn’t go into too much depth in their explanations, they are definitely myths we can forget about.

“7 Health Myths We Need To Forget About”  – Steven Baldwin

There are many aspects that can make us a good therapist. However, probably one of the most important, is how well we can coach our patients when it comes to homecare, or any kind of exercise prescription. If we are all focused on patient centred care, coaching and communication are crucial to beneficial outcomes for our patients.

“How Good Are We At Patient Education?” – Roma Forbes

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