Sunday, June 10, 2018

Articles Of The Week June 10, 2018

I had someone unsubscribe from this blog a couple weeks ago because one of the posts had a swear word in it. Fair enough, some people take offence to things like that (I’ve always used cuss words in my typical language) and to each their own. But it begs the question of whether business people should swear on social media and we found some great advice on that topic.

“Should Entrepreneurs Swear On Social Media?” – Nishi Sood

While it’s sad to see what happened to the surgeon who wrote this piece, it’s great to see that a shift is happening. Becoming more educated about pain and modern research on how we handle that has caused a major shift in one surgeon’s practice.

“Why I’m Leaving My Spine Surgery Practice” – David Hanscom

Remember two articles ago when we talked about swearing? Well, this article has some of that, so be forewarned (but it’s via Ron Burgundy videos, which speaks right to my heart)! But, what the author is talking about is changing the narrative of the osteopathic profession. But, it’s information that could be applied to all manual therapy professions.

“Sixty Percent Of The Time It Works Every Time” – Samuel Jarman

It’s important to understand whether a patient is likely to respond to treatment, and it’s hard to determine that. However, if we understand more about how our treatments work, we are likely to have greater success.

“Who Responds Well To Psychologically Based Treatments For Chronic Pain” – Helen Gilpin

Setting boundaries are important in relationships, especially in therapeutic relationships. Sometimes it can be tough when you get a friend request from a patient, or they start to cross boundaries. Here are 10 tips on building and preserving boundaries.

“10 Ways To Build And Preserve Better Boundaries” – Margarita Tartakovsky

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