Sunday, May 27, 2018

Articles Of The Week May 27, 2018

Not all of our patients enjoy doing exercise, no matter how much it helps. But what if we could change the way it’s delivered, to get them to adhere to recommendations more? What if we could actually make it fun?

“Making Rehab Fun” – Jon Cain

There were a few questions floating around social media this week on plantar fasciitis. This is a great article outlining five things you can do to help patients with this.

“5 Tips For Better Self Management Of Plantar Fascitis For Athletes” – Ellie Somers

This is essentially a massive list Lars has put together of videos and interviews with some of the worlds leading pain researchers. There is a ton on this list, that could make your knowledge and learning about pain a lot easier.

“Pain Lectures With Pain Experts” – Lars Avemarie

No matter what part of the health industry you work in, there is always room for improvement. This article outlines many things I would never have thought of (but can certainly learn a lot from), and I’m sure it’s applicable no matter what part of healthcare you’re in.

“Making The Fitness Industry A Better Place”– Leigh Peele

We’ve all mismanaged time before and possibly messed up our schedule when booking patients in. As it turns out, one of the things that could prevent this from happening is taking better care of ourselves!

“Time Management And When It Goes Wrong” – Sinead Kelly-Barber


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