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Articles Of The Week April 8, 2018


We can all probably look back and remember what it was that made us choose this fine profession. This post discusses what made a fellow therapist choose this, but also some great advice for practitioners, whether you’re a new grad or a seasoned vet!

“Why I Became A Massage Therapist” – Taylor Laviolette

This seems to be a recurring theme. Doctors prescribing opioids and other treatments that don’t really work for low back pain, when looking at social, psychological and other factors do. Great to see more mainstream media spreading the word.

“Ineffective Treatment Often Prescribed For Lower Back Pain” – Rina Shaikh-Lesko.

“It may not be surprising that people with chronic pain don’t necessarily like the idea of accepting it.” But this article shows some research where this could be a valid approach.

“Is Chronic Pain Something More People Should Accept?” – Clare Foran

Ever recommend foam rolling to your athletes as part of their warmup routine? Will it actually make a difference? Well, maybe for a short time, but foam rolling might be better used at other times.

“Foam Rolling May Increase Range Of Motion In The Legs, But For A Very Short Time” – Nick Ng

It’s great to see that some massage therapy associations are getting in on the act of spreading evidence-based information. The AMT (Association of Massage Therapists in Australia) does a great job dispelling the myths around pregnancy massage with this post.

“10 Pregnancy Massage Mythconceptions” – Sharon Livingstone


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