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Articles Of The Week April 1, 2018


This is great to see! A full interview with someone who has spent 4 decades treating veterans for pain, and is saying there is more to treating pain than opioids. He promotes a biopsychosocial approach and active movement therapies. Hopefully, his interdisciplinary approach will catch on!

“Researching Nondrug Approaches To Pain Management” – Robert Kearns PhD

When we are treating someone on our table, there is a lot of interaction going on. Mainly with the brain. We have to be careful how much credit we take for what we’re doing and empower the patient (and their brain) for their role in the whole process.

“Hey Hey, Ho Ho: Those Bogus Outdated Ill-Informed Egotistical Operative Tissue-Based Treatment Models Have Got To Go” – Diane Jacobs

With so many myths in our industry, this is one I had never actually considered. Fortunately, in this post, Harriet explains where the myth of drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day started, and why it’s false (could also lend itself to the myth of having to drink water after a massage).

“Do I Really Need To Drink 200 Ounces Of Water A Day?” – Harriet Hall

MORE MYTHS! This post goes to work on dispelling the myth about massage releasing or flushing toxins from your body (again lends itself to the myth of having to drink water after a massage).

“Old Myths Die Hard: The Truth About Toxins” – Sandy Fritz

This is really cool! We all know how important touch is, but this post explains why and how the body actually responds to it all, from the touch up to the brain.

“Touch And Pain” – Guro. E. Loseth, Dan-Mikael Ellingson, and Siri Leknes

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