Sunday, March 18, 2018

Articles Of The Week March 18, 2018

Do you focus on a biomechanical style of treatment, or do you prefer to focus on pain science? Not sure what the difference is, or confused how to integrate both? Well, this post should help out with that. It’s only the first one in a series, but it’s a good way to get started if you’re not sure about those topics.

“Biomechanics Vs Pain Science: Bridging The Clinical Divide” – Curtis Tait

They say exercise is medicine. In clinical studies, it has been shown that regular aerobic exercise is as effective as anti-depressants for reducing symptoms of mild to moderate depression. Unfortunately in our society inactivity is the norm, so exercise isn’t used as much.

“Running From The Pain”  – Scott Douglas

More about exercise! Intense exercise can cause dramatic improvements in heart health, even at older ages.

“Hearts Get ‘Younger’, Even At Middle Age With Exercise” – Patti Neighmond

There are four critical questions we ask ourselves which make us feel like we are connected to our communities. It turns out taking one extra second to be connected with others can actually improve the quality of that presence. 

“How To Change Your Life In One Second Flat” – Katherine Schafler

There is a subheading in this article that is truly amazing. “The best workout isn’t always the most extreme one. The best on is the one you enjoy.” I’d say the same would apply to exercises you recommend to patients for homecare.

“Whatever Happened To Moderate Fitness?” – Colleen Stinchcombe

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