Sunday, February 25, 2018

Articles Of The Week February 25, 2018


It can be a bit stressful when we think about treating patients with chronic pain as there is a lack of understanding and tools for treating this population. However, the biopsychosocial approach is a framework that can be effective, and this post shows why.

“A Plea To Providers: This Is Why Biopsychosocial Treatment Of Pain Works” – Devra Sheldon

I know there is some research being done at our local university on this exact topic, but can a blood test actually diagnose a concussion? Well, not yet, and this post shows four reasons why.

“Can A Blood Test Diagnose A Concussion?” – Complete Concussion Management

I hate paying taxes, but unfortunately, it’s that time of year again. Maybe next year I will have to use some of the advice from this post to make sure I’m ready at tax time.

“Tis The Season For Taxes (Again)” – Cath Cox

It seems as though the real learning in our industry happens after college and in continuing education courses. However, we need to be careful when choosing which courses to take because they can actually reduce our credibility.

“Fantasy Physiology And The Post Hoc Fallacy” – Whitney Lowe

Have you ever looked at the cost difference between getting a new client, or retaining the ones you have? Over the long term, you’re better off to build solid relationships with your current patients, and since they love your treatments and trust you, they’re more likely to refer their friends to you. While this post is directed at personal trainers, there’s some solid advice in there for therapists too.

“The Importance Of Client Retention” – Michael Anderson

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