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Articles Of The Week February 18, 2018

I may be partial, but I gotta say I love this post. It might be because I think this has happened to all of us. We have a patient come in who have been told by another practitioner that they will never get better, or they’ve been given some false information. Well, this is an open letter to everyone in our industry to do better.

“An Open Letter To My Patients Previous Therapists” – Sarah Haag

We all treat patients with low back pain. But, what are the appropriate guidelines for treatment? Well, some pretty reliable practitioners teamed up to look at the evidence, and explain the difference in guidelines, implementation, and controversies.

“Low Back Pain, A Ride Through The Guidelines” – Body In Mind

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sleep. But how much do we really need? Well, that may vary, but it’s important to pay attention to our own individual needs, as well as looking at how to make sleep a priority.

“How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?” – National Sleep Foundation

One of the great things about massage therapy is the many ways we can focus on certain conditions or populations. If you’d like to focus on cancer treatment, this site has some good info. They present different recommendations as far as altering your treatment when someone is going through chemotherapy, and their reasoning seems pretty sound.

“Cold Caps, Frozen Feet, And Massage During Chemotherapy” – Tracy Walton & Associates

Our communication with patients is so important. So how do you present new ideas or research to them when you learn it? How about when it comes to your pain education? It doesn’t have to be complicated (in fact it’s probably a lot better if it isn’t), just explaining that certain areas of their body may be a bit more sensitive, is probably a lot better than a complicated description.

“Pain Science Education” – Lynita White


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