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Articles Of The Week December 31, 2017

We have to be careful when loading certain injuries like a fracture or complete tendon tears. However, with muscle and tendon injuries the evidence is showing that loading early is beneficial, and a little bit of pain isn’t a reason to back off. 

“Starting Rehab Early Can Speed Recovery From Muscle Injuries: Study” – The Globe And Mail


This is a great article (however I think I connect with it because I used to be that guy!). Manual therapy is great, but we don’t need to crush tissues or use heavy weighted force to ‘release’ tissue. We need a more logical way to work, and this article helps us understand that. 

“Should We Crush Tissue?” – Mitch Hauschildt


This one is actually a video from David Butler on assessment of the upper and lower limb. It’s great information and can be implemented in your clinical setting right away.

“NOI Neurodynamics” – David Butler


We are all business people, so it’s just as important to learn about business as it is therapy. This article shows how recognizing a pattern and reacting to it differently can change a bad habit and create new positive ones.

“How Your Patterns Can Kill Your Business – The Solution Is Not So Simple” – Alley Jean


I’m sure we’ve all helped a patient in our practice who has dealt with a concussion. Whether from a car accident, a fall, or from playing sports, concussions can be difficult to deal with. For this reason, some parents are pulling their kids from sports because they’re afraid of them getting a concussion. But what about all of the other things sports do for kids? Here are 5 reasons why they should still be in sports:

“5 Reasons Kids Should Play Sports” – Complete Concussion Management


Change is hard, change within an entire industry is even harder! However, this post goes on to discuss why manual therapy needs to change, and why the change is important.

“Embrace Change” – Eric Purves


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