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Articles Of The Week December 24, 2017

We all know how important movement is, but what about the quality of movement? Well, there are a few things to look at in this regard, and Greg Lehman has some arguments around pain, movement and quality of movement. 

“Why I Put Strength On Dysfunction” – Greg Lehman

How good are you at listening to your patients? There are times where a patients recovery could be held up because they are blaming the scenario that put them in pain. But if a person feels they have been heard, they may have less of a reason to hang on to that blame. 

“The Blame Game” – Alison Sim

As humans, we have many different behaviours. Did you know we also have pain behaviours? These behaviours can influence your patients response to pain, so there may be a way for us to help them if we understand this better.

“One Way Of Using A Biopshychosocial Framework In Pain Management – II” – Bronnie Thompson

I’m sure we’ve all heard (and some of us have preached) about not letting your knee go past your toes with certain exercises, in an effort to have great form. But what about when the intent of any given exercise changes? Here’s a great article looking at the mechanics of a split squat and how its intent and thus form can change. 

“The Split Squat And The Knee Over Toe Conundrum” – Michael Gouldon

This one is important, not just for our loved ones, but also for our patients. There may be cues you pick up on with your patients, where their loved ones may not. Its important for all of us to be able to recognize warning signs of dementia, so this article should help. 

“5 Early Signs Of Dementia (And Why Everyone Should Know Them)” – Jamie Wiles

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