Sunday, December 17, 2017

Articles Of The Week December 17, 2017

If I’ve heard this once in life, I’ve heard it a thousand times, (Work Smarter, Not Harder!) however, this is the first time I’ve heard it from a fellow therapist. And what’s cool, is that it’s from one of my heroes in this profession. She’s one of the few who will tell it like it is (and honestly, when I first started following her, she pissed me off but I realized she’s pretty amazing), which is rare for us. So take her words to heart!

“How Massage Therapists Can Work Smarter, Instead Of Harder” – Alice Sanvito

I’m sure we all have patients who are dealing with fibromyalgia. For me, I sometimes wonder what advice to give as far as home care. This article comes straight from someone with the condition and gives some sound advice for this holiday season that you could share with your patients.

“Banish The Word Should For The Holidays” – Christine Lynch

Rajam Roose gives some quality advice on client retention and building relationships in this post. I promise if you even do one of the things she recommends you will see a return on your investment, because if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 1,000 times, building relationships is crucial in this business.

“Retain Your Massage Clients” – Rajam Roose

This one is a conversation piece. A conversation with Lorimer Moseley so you can understand the difference between pain science education, and understanding pain science. And let’s be honest, anything with Lorimer in it is worth reading.

“Lorimer Moseley WOW Chat: Pain Science Education Vs. Understanding Pain. What’s The Difference?” – Shelley Prosko

This is a great post on pain and why it persists. Everything Rachel writes in this post, you could easily use as an explanation to your patients. Please give it a read and use the info she has shared, and talk to your patients about what meaningful touch is!

“Why Does Pain Persist?” – Rachel Scott


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