Sunday, November 26, 2017

Articles Of The Week November 26, 2017

“Your Body Is (probably) Not As Broken As You Think” – Heather Thuesen

The way we talk to our patients is really important, like REALLY important. Heather does a great job of talking about what massage therapy does and does not do. And more importantly, talks about how to talk and educate your patients about pain.

‘It’s Like Chalk On A Blackboard’ My Experiences Researching Patellofemoral Crepitus  – Claire Robertson

This is a great article as it gives lots of research and background on Patellofemoral Crepitus but also shows how a patients beliefs are just as important to acknowledge and treat as the condition itself.

Why I Have Gymnasts Track Sleep Fatigue, And Soreness Every Day – Dave Tilley

If you work with athletes, they really like to track things like progress, success, gains, and almost everything in between. This article is from coaches perspective on why they have their athletes track certain things, so the coaches can alter their training program accordingly.

Shifting Away Nociception And Mesodermalism And Towards “Yesiception,” neurocentrism, and pain science – Alice Sanvito

I’ll admit, this one was written a while ago, but I just came across it this week. It’s a bit of an introduction to pain science if you’re new to it. However, what I love about it is how Alice shows, you don’t have to really change what you’re already doing in practice, you just need to change your description. It’s well worth the read. 

How Important Is Muscular Symmetry For Strength Sports – Greg Nuckols

Our bodies aren’t symmetrical, so do we lift things symmetrically? Is it even important? Well, it probably is for a physique competition, but not so much when it comes to activities like lifting. There may be instances where it could help with injury prediction, but overall it’s not that big of a deal. But if you want to be more symmetrical, or your patient does, the article also gives some advice on that. 

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