Tuesday, October 10, 2017

5 Habits To Have To Have Before Disconnecting For The Weekend

Success is determined by what you do after you do what is expected of you.

1. Celebrate Your Wins And Reflect On Your Future

Develop the Habit of reviewing what went well and celebrate it. It reminds you to focus on your growth, to focus on the positive influences you’ve had, the contributions to improving your patients’ quality of life and helps you begin your weekend in an enthusiastic frame of mind.

Now is the time to take 5 minutes, at the end of your day, and really reflect on the good work you are doing and the lives you are touching (pun intended!) I guarantee that along the way, you helped quite a few people. I have no doubts that you changed a few lives by improving the quality of life of some people.

If your weeks are like mine, this week went by so fast, you were so busy with treating patients, you don’t even know what you did, but you got here somehow.

Ask yourself a few key questions: What did I accomplish this week? What do I want to accomplish next week? Next month? Next year? A businessperson should always be aware of his or her recent accomplishments and reflect on them to better plan for his or her future success.

2. Develop The Habit Of Sending Two “Thank-You” Notes!

As a businessperson, you rely on a lot of people; your team, mentors, partners, and Patients to support you each week. All play an important role in our lives, yet in today’s world, thankfulness seems to be on the downslope.

Before you leave the office, recognize at least two people for their continued offerings, positive influences, and referrals with simple notes of appreciation. Doing this shows you care about “your team” and that you recognize their support.

3. Develop The Habit Of Reviewing Your Contacts List For The Week

Before you leave your practice, reflect upon your contacts list and review your calendar (see below).

Throughout the week you may have had certain people you came into contact with that can and possibly will influence the direction of your professional and or personal path. Think about the NEW patients you had. Make a couple of quick notes about what the next step in their treatment may be. This doesn’t have to be a concise treatment plan, just a couple of points to think about and get you started in a direction.

Add any business contacts to your LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media accounts. Doing this now makes sure no one slips through the cracks.

Photo by: Pixelkult

Photo by: Pixelkult

4. Develop The Habit Of Having A Clean Desk

Make sure you have all your daily patient files charted. Ultimately you should have the habit of charting your files as part of your treatment time, but for those of us who chart at the end of the day… get it done now!

If you have any clinical records waiting to be copied and sent to lawyers or insurance companies…get them done and mailed.

Clearing your desk of these tasks is a weight off your mind. You now have the freedom to focus on more important weekend activities, friends, and family.

5. Develop The Habit Of Reviewing Next Week’s Calendar

Make note of any business contacts you met with over the past week and how and when you’ll follow up with them. Review or enter times and dates on your calendar for next week of when you may want to contact them again. Make a short list of who needs to be contacted next week and set a tentative date and time to do so.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t get through all of these. The exercise is to get you into the Habit of ending your week productively and positively!

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