Tuesday, September 26, 2017

5 MDT Exercises For The Cervical Spine


As usual, all of your magic hands hocus pocus means nothing if the patient cannot keep the improvements between visits. Here are 5 ways to self-treat the cervical spine.



Don’t think double chin, think triple chin!


1) The Good Ole Chin Tuck

  • for central or bilateral complaints
    • headaches into the frontal cranium
    • bilateral neck pain radiating into upper traps
  • end range is sternal elevation
  • last year a little old lady asked me if this exercise would make her double chin worse
  • I said, “I don’t know, but at least it helps your headaches and neck pain.”
  • I saw her just this past summer for a completely different condition, the first thing she showed me was the lack of a double chin, she was so happy the chin tucks tightened everything up!



Cervical neutral, “yes sir!”


Unilateral nod variation for right-sided HA or upper cervical pain


2) The Good Ole Chin Tuck Part 2

  • For those who do not tolerate cervical retraction, possibly due to tighter upper cervical spine
  • this works a bit better for headaches than retractions
  • a variation for unilateral headaches is the same light nod with neutral cervical spine with a slight 5-10 deg rotation to the ipsilateral side of involvement

starting position, the retracting dead


rotation with self-overpressure to end range, rotate toward the pain


3) Cervical Retraction With Rotation

  • If the above unilateral nod variation does not work with upper cervical pain or unilateral HA, try this
  • make sure to rotate but keep the contralateral shoulder from moving anteriorly too early
  • this works very well to restore lost rotation or keep it after your manual techniques


stock starting photo… “brains….”


end range overpressure to the painful/limited side, welcome to the gun show


4) Cervical Retraction With Side Bending Overpressure

  • it’s the too simple to work for many upper quarter problems self-treatment!
  • as always, end range is key here, remember to slack the contralateral upper trap if needed by passively elevating the scapula
  • try for any hand, forearm, elbow, shoulder, scapula, thoracic pain that is unilateral and not responding to traditional treatments
  • better yet, try this first for any of the above to rule out cervical involvement

start, triple chin!


finish, forehead parallel to the ceiling


5) Cervical Retraction With Extension

  • a progression for improvement or plateau for central or bilateral complaints
  • I do not give this one out too often in lieu of self-generated overpressure into cervical retraction
  • this may also work for symptoms that are radiating to mid thoracic spine or scapula
  • make sure they get to end range, which is normally the forehead parallel to the ceiling
  • also check out this clinical pearl on this very technique



from Beauty Salon, Spa, Massage https://themtdc.com/5-mdt-exercises-for-the-cervical-spine/

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