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Articles Of The Week December 15, 2019


There is many a myth in our industry, and while I’ve written about and tried to change some opinions around them, I haven’t been able to cover them all. Fortunately, people like Daniel Wonnocott are trying to do the same and did a great job busting this myth.

“Mythbusting: Massage Reduces Cortisol” – Daniel Wonnocott

I’m sharing this because it’s simply an amazing cause that involves our profession. A group is Rwanda is training visually impaired people to be massage therapists, providing them with a career they may not have had otherwise.

“Seeing Hands Rwanda” – Seeing Hands Spa

There is no shortage of modality classes you can take to learn a different way to touch your patients. However, what if we paid more attention to the concepts behind a treatment application, rather than just the modality itself? I for one think this is FAR more important than any modality and fortunately, this article agrees with me.

“Modalities vs. Concepts in Massage Therapy” – Tania Valasquez

This seems to be a hotly debated topic at times, but it’s a necessary one. It’s important for our business, but also as this article shows, charging for late cancellations is also important for the therapeutic relationship and our mental health.

“Why I Charge For Late Cancellation” – Megan MacCutcheon

While I know (well, at least I hope) none of us are on our cell phones while talking to patients. However, there’s some good advice here about communication in general, and yes, we can apply this to when we are talking with our patients and improve not only our communication but probably our outcomes as well.

“Put Down Your Phone: Why Presence Is the Best Gift You’ll Ever Give” – Will Aylward


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